The State of Internet Marketing in 2016

The World Wide Web has long been the favorite tool of marketers, but in 2016, internet marketing reached new heights of sophistication, potency and reach. The global community is increasingly a wired one with more than 3.5 billion internet users in the world. With almost 40 percent of all the people on Earth accessing the internet, there is no reason why you shouldn’t join the billions of people, businesses and organizations who are marketing themselves online.

Key Internet Marketing Strategies

Online marketing has evolved rapidly in the past few years as the business community and consumers have matured. Many of the most powerful and effective strategies of just a few years ago have been embraced by the marketing community to become standard promotional templates, e.g. social media, video, blogging, etc., or they have fallen out of favor to be replaced by more potent ones.

One of the most popular internet marketing strategies of 2016 has been an integrated mobile campaign. This has been facilitated by larger and more function-rich phones as well as mobile-tailored apps from Google and Facebook. More companies are recognizing that if they are not catering to users who are on the move, they are perilously close to handing their competitors the victory trophy.

More Sophisticated Marketing Campaigns

As consumers obtain online information from a rapidly proliferating number of online platforms, companies can no longer maintain a presence on just one or a handful of digital applications. More importantly, you should be creating amazing content on these platforms that engages visitors and makes them hungry for more. Rich content like podcasts, videos and infographic slideshows will not only entice visitors to return to your Facebook page, YouTube channel or website, but it will help solidify your position as a leader in your field.

While you are generating that incredible content, be sure to integrate some important marketing techniques like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or website optimization. It is extremely important that you use proven SEO strategies like keywords and link building to generate as much traffic as possible to your sites. To keep your visitors there, you want a high performance website that quickly satisfies their needs and ushers them through your sales funnel.

The Future of Internet Marketing

According to some experts, 80 percent of companies plan to increase their digital marketing budgets within the next 12-18 months. This is much more than a sign that online marketing is successful, it is also a clear indication that marketing competition is ratcheting up. If you are not investing a sizable amount of your marketing resources online, you can be sure that your competitors are. Help your company reach its largest possible market and fully realize its potential by creating an immense, unforgettable presence online.

You shouldn’t just be throwing your money into the latest online marketing craze, however. You can learn a lot about internet marketing just by surfing the web, but it often takes an experienced internet marketer to craft a promotional plan that shores up any weaknesses while maximizing your successes. Web Marketing Kings has the expertise and tools to help your company speak to the consumers you need.

The Basics of Web Design

One of the key features of marketing your company online is a well performing website. Whatever industry you are in, construction, restaurants, app development, etc. you need a website that will grab the attention of the visitor and keep it. The last thing you want is a website that is ugly, clunky or slow that will cause your visitor to bounce away.

Key Web Design Components

First of all, you need your website to prominently display your Unique Value Proposition or UVP. This UVP should be something that your competitors do not or can not provide. A UVP can be a proprietary product or service, speedier distribution or better customer service. If your organization does not have a UVP, then it is time to huddle with your experienced marketing team like Web Marketing Kings to develop one. Then create a banner for your website that conveys that message to your customers.

Second, think visually. Most visitors will determine if your website is trustworthy in the first few seconds. So, you have precious little time to earn their interest and trust. To communicate that you are a respectable organization with a legitimate business operation, you will need an appealing website. Use 6 to 8 frames per web page along with a three column layout because these are fairly standard formats.

When designing your website, be sure to use smaller images. This will ensure that your site isn’t too slow, prompting visitors to leave your site. Large images can slow performance of a site, and images that blink, move or rotate should be avoided because they are distracting or annoying. Finally, only use images that are relevant to your business; content should always satisfy the visitor’s interests, not your own.

Additional Considerations

Third, do not allow too many ads on to your website. It may seem like a “smart” move to enable more ads on to your website to generate more income, but when ads crowd out genuine content, you are lowering the credibility of your website. If you have only ads to offer your visitors, they will find an alternative that is more suitable to their needs. Finally, if you do allow ads, be sure that they offer goods or services that are relevant to your web page.

Your final consideration should be performance. You want your website to work on a variety of platforms, so you should test them on multiple browsers, operating systems and devices. You especially want to make sure that your site performs well on smart phones and other mobile devices, as mobile users are the most predominant. If you are unsure how to make your website mobile friendly, you should strongly consider consulting with an experienced and highly trusted marketing group like Web Marketing Kings.

Your website is your online storefront. If you want to generate optimal traffic, you will maintain it like you would your brick and mortar one. You want a bright, visually appealing operation that will keep your visitors coming back time and again.